About Doc

Doc Thompson is a conservative libertarian American radio host and political commentator. He hosts The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson, a radio show on The Blaze Radio Network, which debuted January 21st, 2013. The show airs weekdays from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. before The Glenn Beck Radio Program, where he has been a regular guest host since 2008. Doc also provides political analysis, appearing on various television shows such as CNBC’s The Kudlow Report, The Blaze’s Real News, The Glenn Beck Program, The Pat and Stu Show, and special election coverage from Virginia for CNN and Fox News. Doc has been honored to be a part of several teams, receiving a total of 7 Marconi Radio Awards from the National Association of Broadcasters.

Thompson’s broadcast style mixes reporting, commentary, and humor to reflect a conservative libertarian political philosophy with economic views supportive of the free market. Showcasing Doc’s passion and insight, his beliefs and comments are consistent as he discusses personal freedom, personal responsibility, and Constitutional principles.

Born and raised in Ohio, Doc’s career in radio has led him to work in the great states of Alabama, Virginia, Nevada, New Mexico, Nebraska, West Virginia, and Michigan.  These years of traveling across America have proved priceless to Doc, as they have allowed him to meet fellow citizens from all walks of life and experience the differing cultures throughout our nation.  His entertaining program of political badinage, mixed with daily topical events, is fun, fresh, and different.  With a precise blend of candor, news, and humor, Doc’s show is enlightening and informative.  He exposes absurdity by lampooning those who deserve it and is driven by exposing the truth.  Doc regularly attends rallies, guest hosts radio and television programs, and performs speaking events all over the country.  In addition to Doc’s talent in broadcasting, he considers himself a “foodie” because he loves to eat, cook, and try new cuisine while traveling.  A self-admitted “pizza-snob”, Doc also enjoys cheap wine and expensive beer!

To truly understand Doc’s beliefs, here are just a few of his favorite quotes:

“Is life so dear, is peace so sweet…” – Patrick Henry

“I have sworn upon the alter of God, eternal hostility…” – Thomas Jefferson

“Doc, I want to hire you for the BRN!” – Glenn Beck

When asked to describe himself, Doc said…

“I’m just like John Stewart, except with very different views, and I host a radio show not TV, and I’m not rich, nor from New York.  Okay, that was a really bad comparison! Don’t print that!”

Doc doesn’t look the other way when it comes to “certain” people or organizations. He’s consistent, calling foul whenever it applies no matter whom it applies to:

“Listening to my show is kind of like watching the Bluth Family.” <laughing> “Wow! That is a bad example too! Don’t print that! Really, don’t use that!” 

When asked to describe Doc, his producer Skip said…

“Doc is a good guy and great entertainer! I have tremendous respect for him! He’s my career and LIFE role model- ok I’m not saying that!!! Who wrote this?!”

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