Update: The Doc Tour – another 2 confirmed!

Join Doc and Skip on their two week tour across America as they raise awareness of the importance of our upcoming 2014 Midterm Elections.

*We have confirmed two more events!

11/3/13 – Oklahoma City, OK

11/4/13 – Topeka, KS

11/5/13 – Omaha, NE

11/7/13 – Chanhassen, MN

*11/8/13 – Sauk Rapids, MN

*11/10/13 – Bowling Green, KY

11/11/13 – Memphis, TN

11/12/13 – Birmingham, AL

11/13/13 – Atlanta, GA

11/14/13 – Charlotte, NC

We are currently working on our ‘TOUR’ page.  Check back soon for more location announcements and event details.


One thought on “Update: The Doc Tour – another 2 confirmed!

  1. Connie says:

    Sauk Rapids,MN – WOW my home town, I’ve already called everyone I know.(now living in FL and planning on moving back) Thank You! We’re losing Michelle – MN needs your voice to get people together

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