[Skip] Games and Violence

Every time someone goes on a shooting rampage, people search for the why. What happened? What made them snap? Were there any warning signs?

Many times, it’s discovered that the killer has at one point or another played violent video games. This always ends up opening the “Should we ban violent video games” debate. The answer to that question is no.

Adam Lanza was crazy. James Holms is crazy. Anyone who would take a firearm into a public place and start spraying bullets is crazy. It’s that simple. Video games didn’t make these people crazy. I have even heard people say that some of these violent games are an outlet for their frustrations. Maybe the ability to slay monsters in a virtual world keeps some from slaying humans in the real world.

Was Timothy McVeigh playing fertilizer games in the weeks leading up to the Oklahoma City bombing? No! He was crazy.

If playing video games translated to the real world, my brother would be in the NFL with all the Madden he has played over the years

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